The Forensic Thinktank (FTT)

is an cybercrime-fighting-entity, particularly taking action against child-pornography, human trafficking, illegal arms dealing and corporate espionage. In conclusion this means a massive support for human rights by stabilizing state’s and economy’s IT-infrastructure. Cyberwar is being fought under the surface of recognition. The primary goal is creating society’s consciousness concerning this invisible danger. The portfolio merge social and technical spheres designing assisting technology for mankind, by working on a transdisciplinary basis, maintaining high academic standards.

»The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.«

—Edmund Burke

Today’s infrastructures are topmost based on connection via the WWW. They provide foundation for innovation in alls sorts of spheres of life. Thus globalisation is a result of the mastery of the cyberspace accompanied by transformation of the bio environment. Cybercrime is definitely not restricted to the virtual world, but endangers the progress of cohabitation and the creation of awareness for sustainability. In conclusion leading to a degradation of security and health. The Forensic Thintank fights Cybercrime, creates awareness for usage of new media and originates new infrastructures.

Industrial espionage combined with Cybercrime causes a global financial damage of 1×10^12 USD. In comparison: product piracy causes 16×10^9 USD, international drug commerce 600×10^9 USD financial damage. The number of available websites has massively increased, resulting in a market saturation of 38%. By utilizing semantic, structural and social capital analyses (including personality development considering psychological models, e.g. Big 5) the FTT is equipped with a sublime tool to evaluate Big Data and to stem Cybercrime. Even success of a few per mille imply massive financial savings.

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